We will keep dreaming wildly…

Published: 01/06/20

But we need your help! Your tax-deductible donation helps us to make unconventional art that doesn’t always fit in conventional spaces.

The Living Room Theatre celebrates 20 years in 2020 and we have something wonderful to share with you at our favourite hangout 107 in Redfern.

This November we will premiere our new theatrical work ‘The foul of the air’ that will be experienced through two competing modes – live and streamed.

Building on our body of work over two decades and our long relationship with 107,  we’ll transform the entire lower level of the building to simultaneously become theatre, public forum, dining room, concert hall, cinema, and online platform, challenging the very notions of each space.

18 cross-disciplinary artists will explore & reveal the parallels between two significant sites of violence in our time – against women & against the environment to transmit the realities of violence, so as to build our capacity to stand in the face of the truth of violence and move away from strategies of avoidance and denial.

The foul of the air is part of the Sites of Violence research project conducted at the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney.

We need your donation to support the artistry of.


Michelle St Anne (director) Fausto Brusamolino (light), Josephine Macken (sound), Andy Macdonald (set), Matt McGuigan (video)

Our performers:
Valerie Berry, Renata Commisso, Imogen Cranna, Cloe Fournier, Kate Gorman
Double Bassists: Maximillian Alduca, Marie-Louise Bethune, Dave Ellis, Jacques Emery, Will Hansen and Oscar Peterson

Voices of Professor Megan Mackenzie and Amanda Stewart.

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