Published: 11/05/20

The Living Room Theatre is now inhabited by 3 extraordinary women who are taking over our socials as part of the ‘ghost light’ campaign.

Genevieve Wright (IG: @e_vignette) whose love for the moving image will be hovering in the wings in her director’s chair as our content creator.

Christine Dundas (IG: @xdundasx) whose keen eye for detail will be pulling the strings as our marketing strategist.

Lucy Baird (IG: @mslucygm) whose stunning visuals will reminisce on the lifelong friendship she has shared with LRT’s artistic director Michelle St Anne.

We get inside Instagram artist Lucy Baird @mslucygm

Shoot from the hip….ask questions later is the way I like to take photos.

Could you tell us about your photographic practice? 

Currently, mobile photography is an accessible medium for me. Although instant, without fail I return to the images to alter the reality…why? Because they are my moments and I want to push the original concept further into my subconscious. All my edits are completed using mobile editing apps, I use these unconventionally and will edit the same capture in a few different ways, sometimes to the point where I lose the original capture within it all together to create a parallel moment.

What is it about your artistic lens do you think, that aligns with LRT’s work?

LRT’s works transcend the normal, in the sense that the raw visions and moments are not what you and I see. Michelle pushes these visuals to extremes within herself to communicate parallel moments and by using all your senses she will guide the viewer through to their own extremes and this isn’t necessarily a gentle process.

Not once have I left a performance and not been challenged conceptually, intellectually, visually, or emotionally about its content. The viewer arrives at a point within the work where their consciousness extends beyond the initial moment in time. And it’s this that aligns with my own practice.

What about this Instagram project are you most excited about?

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with LRT on a few productions and have seen all of them. I’m excited to gain access to the photographic archives of moments captured, re-live them, edit them, and using Instagram as the platform to deliver these appropriated moments to a new audience.

Do you have a favourite LRT work?

This is a difficult question to answer as I have seen all the works at different stages in my life. Billie has a powerful and long-lasting voice. Although silenced for some time, she was peppered throughout Michelle’s previous works, she finally materialized solo and she changed our lives forever.

She is haunting, she is tragic, she is beautifully courageous.