Published: 03/05/20

2020 marks 20 years of The Living Room Theatre!

In this time we’ve created countless sensory-rich theatrical experiences and are extremely proud of our unique collaborations across genre, disciplines, and industry.
Join us in celebrating our milestone productions and discover the people who brought them to life.

In the coming months, we will be reflecting on our body of work which will form the countdown to our 20th anniversary on the 5 December.

A note by Michelle St Anne

The 2020 ghost light is a campaign crafted by my beloved staff at the day job, who have watched me juggle the admin of LRT and a huge day job in order to maintain my practice. I’m not young anymore – turning 50! later this year – my adrenal glands are aging and I no longer get the adrenal rush.

Quite simply I am tired.
But not tired of making art.

It just means that working to maintain a livelihood whilst nurturing a practice is becoming increasingly difficult and would seem unsustainable.

So I am humbled that these two spunky ghost-writers are spending their evenings meandering through the corridors of LRT to collate 20 years of my work and crafting it into an online campaign celebrates LRT’s ghosts.

The ghost light campaign lights the way for the back catalogue to find its voice again, captured, and meted out through Instagram, Facebook and our website.

The concept of a ghost light is a superstition that keeps a light on inside dark theatres to either appease or scare away the ghosts that roam when theatres are empty.
Although I don’t believe that ghosts need light to avoid bumping the sets, I believe there is a residual vibration in the spaces I choose to work in.

LRT has always been an invitation for you, our audience, to co-author the work with us. @mslucygm (Lucy Baird) tackles this by reframing our images into how she herself sees, remembers and experienced our work. Over the 20 years, I think Lucy has missed no more than 2 works – so I am delighted to see how my work has inhabited her.

Our website will house a series of short essays from those ghosts in the wider arts community. I look forward to hearing how they experienced LRT and how this has contributed to the Australian ecology.

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