Published: 12/11/13

Michelle continued her fine tradition of playing with challenging spaces by taking over a Darlinghurst ware(house) for The Living Room Theatre’s Spring Fundraising Dinner October 12th 2013.

This event, a sit-down dinner for 70 people, was glorious fun with the last guest leaving at 5am!

A whole pig-on-the-spit was delivered by Feather and Bone that morning, and carefully tended to from 1pm by Genevieve’s husband, Kingsley Wallman. It was carefully carved by Chris, under the careful eye of Laura and Grant, all from Feather and Bone.

Outstanding and sumptuous platters of food were prepared by Hussein Bahsoun of Sydney Personal Chef, who spent the previous 14 hours shopping, prepping and cooking for the event. He donated all his food, work and services on the night, and managed to convince his partner Nick to become chief whipping boy and cleaner-upper.

This team deserve our profound thanks for making such a mad idea a triumphant night.

Delicious !

As promised, there were girls writhing in glass boxes, a live feed from a naked actress in the bathroom, and delighted embarrassment from various board members as they were drawn into the performance. Palmer St, with its ‘lively late-night street life’ was suitably bemused, and we remain the talk of the local pubs/cafes/methadone clinics this week.

Photo: Trent O’Donnell